Nebraska Housing Resource, Inc.

"To assist in enabling builders to serve first-time homebuyers through creative use of all available resources, public and private."


Nebraska Housing Resource is a 501 (c) (3) Nebraska non-profit corporation formed in June, 1998 by 3 members of the Home Builders Association of Lincoln (NE).

NHR's purpose is to provide affordable low and moderate-income housing opportunities for first-time buyers in the State of Nebraska. It achieves this purpose by encouraging more homebuilders to enter and/or expand into this market by increasing the supply of affordable lots, and arranging attractive financing packages for qualified homebuyers. In essence, NHR's mission could be summarized as enabling small builders to serve first-time homebuyers through creative use of all available resources, public and private.

In connection with NHR's work, the term "qualified homebuyers" typically refers to individuals or families receiving incomes less than 80% of area median income (AMI). This restriction and the "first-time buyer" requirement do not apply to "market rate" lots which are included in NHR's larger developments to promote economic diversity.

In early 1999, NHR undertook "Cyrilla Court", a project in partnership with the City of Lincoln Urban Development and Parks Departments, Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA), Fannie Mae, Neighborhoods, Inc. (NI), and the Lower Platte South Natural Resource District. This undertaking developed a 14-acre site in northwest Lincoln, enabling 9 builders to produce an additional 34 units of affordable housing for qualified homebuyers (43 lots, total).

The "9 builders" in Cyrilla included Lincoln Habitat for Humanity (2 houses), and the Northeast High School/Lincoln Housing Authority (NEHS/LHA) student program, which also built 2 houses.

In late 2000, NHR in partnership with the City of Lincoln Urban Development, NIFA, Fannie Mae, and NI redeveloped the site of the former Riley School (50th & Dudley) into 5 units of affordable housing. Greg Schwinn Homes, Inc. constructed 4 new homes and the NEHS / LHA student program constructed the 5th for the benefit of first-time homebuyers.

In 2001, NHR partnered with the City of Lincoln Urban Development, NIFA, Fannie Mae, and NI to complete sixteen tax-repossessed lots in the Air Park area (west of NW 52nd and West Huntington Ave). In 2003-2004, an additional 3 lots became available and were also completed. As a result of this effort 19 units of affordable housing were provided by six different builders for qualified buyers. Two of these homes were built by Habitat volunteers.

In 2003, again in partnership with the City of Lincoln, NHR acquired a 30.8 A. tract in S.W. Lincoln, at S.W. 12th and W. South streets. A program of phased development produced 15 lots for 15 units of affordable housing in 2003 and 21 units in 2004, along with 30 market rate lots. A future phase will produce an additional 30 affordable and 35 market rate lots, beginning in 2005. The City of Lincoln Urban Development Department, in its role of administering, HUD CBDG loan and NE affordable Housing Trust Funds is providing financial assistance, while NIFA, Fannie Mae and NI play roles in assisting the first-time homebuyers. Habitat of Lincoln has built and will also be building in Old Mill Village.


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